Gizmo is a social media app for streaming TV & movies.  Connect and interact with others who have similar taste to discover, share, and stream what to watch.
Search across all streaming services to see where shows & movies can be streamed on.  With a few taps, you can start streaming from Gizmo’s mobile app, and either watch on your phone or cast to a Smart TV.
If you find a tv show or movie you would like to watch at a later time, add it to your Watch Later list.
Follow friends or others simply because you like their taste in TV & movies.  Whatever they Gizmo will show up in your Following feed.  You can find more information on the title by swiping left, which will include runtime, year released, a trailer, summary, cast & crew, genre, and where the tv show or movie can be streamed on.  If you swipe right, you can access any other season or episode of that same series.
Your Trending feed will show you what’s being watched across all of Gizmo.
You can discover new tv shows and movies in Discover, which are personalized recommendations across multiple categories, including hashtags that have been added by users to specific titles.  You can Follow a hashtag so all the titles show up in your Following feed.
If you are interested in connecting with others who have similar taste, tap Connect and we’ll suggest users based on your ‘mutual taste’ score.
Create a poll on something you watched to get feedback from others or to simply decide on what to watch.
Let people know what you thought by leaving an audio or written comment.  If others like your opinion, it will be spotlighted.
Users can easily see what they have streamed from Gizmo in Streamed - this makes sharing you watched really easy.  You can also connect your Gizmo account with your account on a streaming service to transfer your streaming history.
Gizmo is social TV.  Gizmo is social discovery for streaming TV & movies.  Gizmo is social media for streaming TV & movies.